Family Takaful - Product Definition

Family Takaful - Product Definition

With so many type of Family Takaful plans to choose from, it is important the customers understand what these plans are and how they can help protect themselves and their family members. Here are the types of plans that customers can choose from.



  • Traditional Takaful will provide participant with protection as well as long-term savings plan. Participants or the nominee of the participants will receive a financial benefit if the participant were to suffer a loss. Part of the participants’ contribution will also be deposited to their investment accounts as saving so participants will also get to enjoy investment returns.
  • Term Takaful/ Pure Family Takaful will provide the participants with protection for a specific-covered event. Unlike the Ordinary Family Takaful plan, participants of Term Takaful / Pure Family Takaful should not expect to receive any investment returns throughout the term of the certificate or when the certificate matures.

Investment Linked Takaful

An Investment Linked Takaful plan offers both investment and protection. The participant will be given Takaful coverage including death and disability benefit along with investment options in a wide range of Shariah approved investment funds. The participant can change their contribution according to their financial situation. Participants can change between investment funds anytime they want.


Medical and Health Takaful

Besides covering the expenses for a wide range of private medical treatment, this plan will also pay the participant a certain amount if the person is diagnosed with an illness or gets injured due to an accident. This plan can be participated as a standalone plan or as an add-on to a Family Takaful plan.


Credit Takaful

This plan covers the repayment of an outstanding property, hire purchase, personal or business financing to the financial institution in the event of death, total and permanent disability or critical illness of the participant.


Rider/ Supplementary Cover

Participants can choose to attach this plan to their basic takaful plan such as Term Takaful, Pure Family Takaful, Ordinary Family Takaful or Investment Linked Takaful plans so that they have additional protection. These may result in additional contributions or tabarru’.